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Tis the Season

I swear, everyone and their brother was at a wedding this past Saturday. Which makes sense because it was the perfect day for love in North Carolina. The pollen has died down and we’re enjoying those breezy, warm days with low humidity. The lack of humidity and comfortably warm temps will be short lived, for sure. And it also means one can comfortable wear silky dresses and pretty updos without fear of melting.

It’s not often I get dressed up any more these days. The number of weddings we attend on a yearly basis has tapered off now that most of our friends and family are further along into dirty diapers than they are first dates. So, I was especially looking forward to this wedding. I say give a girl the right clothes and she can conquer the world. I may not be conquering the world anytime soon, but that slice of wedding cake didn’t stand a chance.


My outfit deets: Dress is Halston // Shoes are old but I seriously contemplated these. Alas, I could not justify a new pair of kicks when I already owned their more subdued sole sister. // My necklace is from a flash sale here (I think it was like $8)// Clutch is a vintage estate sale find, and earrings are from Sole Society.

On husb: Suit is here. Tie is old. Shoes were a last minute purchase from Kohl’s because someone who shall remain nameless forgot to pack their own shoes and options near the wedding venue were limited. It was Kohl’s or Gander Mtn.

Weekend Wedding


(A sign that the groom made for the reception entrance. Jason was supremely jealous of the tool arsenal that must have been required to craft such a sign.)

I spent a long weekend in New Bern, NC, for the nuptials of one of my best friends. The whole weekend was brimming with love and really reflected the personalities of the bride and groom, who just so happen to be two of my favorite people. I’ve known the bride for over 10 years and I can’t imagine a more perfect groom for her than the one she said her “I Dos” with on Saturday. The weather was insanely perfect for the ceremony down by the river, and the dancing at the reception was non-stop (a key element for an awesome reception, if I do say so myself).

Me and Jason

(me and my main squeeze. Gah, he is hot.)

Katie and Evan

(The totally lovely bride and groom.)

Me and Erin

(My friend Erin is due six weeks before me. It’s been so much fun to have a close friend to go through pregnancy with. Fun fact - we found out about our simultaneous pregnancies when we ran into each other at the doctor’s office before either of us had told anyone!)

Me and Katie

(Me and the gorge bride! She gave Kate Middleton a serious run for her money with that waist size. I should have thought about that before shoving my pregnant belly in a picture next to her.)


(Me and my fellow b-maids down by the river.)

And I spotted this photo on facebook in which I am a total photo bomber at the rehearsal dinner. Woopsies!


Hope you chickens had a fabulous weekend filled with your own version of love and friendship. 

I’m alive!

In case you thought this blog was dead, aside from the occasional Brit-bit pic, think again!

I have been one busy mofricka, but now that I’m rested and rejuvenated after a week at the beach, I can fill ya in on where I’ve been. 

First things first. One of my best gals got married in June. She was the prettiest bride everrrrr, and her wedding was seriously the funnest ever. It was held at the State Club at NCSU (where we all graduated) and was awesome in every sense of the word.


And as one should, myself and a few of my fellow bridesmaids and wedding guests painted the town red after the wedding. It had been a long time since this blogger has gone out and we had a night for the record books. Though, I’m reminded that whence one turnest 30, one is best served by being home before midnight lest one spend most of the day after inside with the blinds closeth.


So, that was one weekend, and then the next weekend, another one of my best gals (actually that gorgeous girl up there on the far left) had a half birthday party. Her birthday is on Christmas, so she hosted a Christmas in July themed party complete with red and green…. everything. Needless to say, blasts were had.


Which brings me to present day where we’ve spent the past week at Ocean Isle Beach with Jason’s family for the Fourth of July. We go every year, and it seriously just gets better and better. We love spending that week with friends, family and each other.



(Oh, and food. Lots and lots of food. always.)


(With my husband’s gorgeous cousins… and our margaritas.)

Picture 3

(Had my college bestie Gina over to the pool for some quality catch up.)

Our illegal in NC, and procured in SC fireworks…


Hope you had a great Fourth and that your past few weeks have been equally astonishing. It’s been nice to unplug for a little bit, but I’m glad to get back in the swing of things. Missed y’all!