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Let’s Just Pretend + Evolve Fit Wear + Shopping Discount

Let’s pretend that:

1. It hasn’t been almost a month since my last blog post

2. I have more time to dedicate to this blog than just Nora’s naptime on weekends.

3. I am wearing makeup and my hair looks amazing in the pictures below and I did NOT just take them after my home yoga practice during aforementioned nap (but I did).

Now that we have that out of the way. Hi. How are you? Good! Me? I’m great. Just great. Really great actually.

I don’t do a ton of company partnerships on the blog, mostly because I don’t have a ton of time and if I’m going to spend any time on a post about a company and their product, it better be good.

I could also let you that this company I’m about to tell you about reached out to me 6 weeks ago and I’m just now getting this post up and that would be the truth. But really, the fact that I’m getting this post up at all means it’s important and it also means that I am the world’s worst blogger.

Get to the point, Julie!

Evolve is an online yoga apparel company that carries a TON of different brands, but they don’t carry every brand - just the good stuff. I love that there is a great online resource that provides broad access to a range of yoga apparel. If you’re like me, you love a certain brand reminiscent of a citrus fruit, but you don’t necessarily want to wear the same thing everyone else is wearing. Evolve to the rescue. I’ve particularly drawn to the Alo goddess legging which I have seen all over the yoga instagram accounts I follow and I think they are the bees knees.


so cute!

The folks at Evolve were kind enough to send me a Kooshoo journey shawl to try out. It’s called a shawl but it can be worn a million - and by a million, I mean 12 - different ways. It is so, so, so, so soft and the tie dye speaks to my inner free people catalogue model wannabe. So, just imagine that instead of me modeling this for you on my back porch, we’re actually on a beach, at sunset, with a bonfire, about a dozen really attractive people with long hair, there is a vw vanagon in the background and I have a large thigh gap.


Shawl as a shawl. Pretty, huh? See those button on the lower right? There’s a matching row on the other side which help you wear it in the aforementioned 12 ways.


Shawl as a halter. Peace, dudes.


Shawl as a dress. I was actually very surprised at the decent length on this. I am 5’8”, so things are often too short, but I can absolutely see myself wearing this in the summer or at the beach and not just over yoga clothes. 


Shawl as a cardigan. I think this was my favorite way to wear it. It felt very cozy.


Shawl as a scarf. I feel like there has been a surge in people I know getting pregnant, and I couldn’t help but think this would make a GREAT gift for a new mother. Having a scarf makes nursing in public (or even not in public, but at your house and maybe friends and family are over visiting the new bundle of dirty diapers and sleepless nights  joy), a billion times easier. But the beauty of this shawl is that it can be worn as a scarf or one of the other above ways with a tank underneath and stretchy leggings on the bottom, and it’s loose and roomy, making it easy to maneuver around with a newborn snuggled under and still keep your modesty about you.

If you’ve stuck with this post this long, then I have a surprise for you. Oh yes I do!

The awesome people over at Evolve are offering a 10% site-wide discount just for readers of this blog. If I were you, I’d snatch up this shawl (and those leggings because I am me). Just use the code THEDAILYJULIE at checkout to redeem your discount.


Romper Roo

I spotted this Dolce Vita romper a couple weeks ago and was immediately smitten with it. As far as rompers go, it’s one I would be willing to undress when I have to go to the bathroom for. However, I was not smitten with the $242 price tag.

But then, THEN!!!!, today I spotted this nearly identical version at my favorite Raleigh place to stock up on the latest fashion, Vestique, for exactly $200 less. It’s $42 and a dead ringer for the DV version.

Look at all that money I just saved you. You’re welcome.

Shop My Closet


I’ve set up an account with Threadflip where I’ll be selling my practically new, barely used clothes as I clean out my closet which is a never ending process. truly.


I was recently turned onto this company and the idea is brilliant. You request a “full service” bag which they send to you with a prepaid shipping label. You fill up the bag with the items you want to sell and they take care of the photography, pricing, sale and shipping of the items. Any items they don’t accept (poor quality, style, or condition), they will send back to you at the cost of $10 to cover shipping and handling, or donate (for free) on your behalf. I only had one item not accepted which was a pair of jeans that, admittedly, had already seen their glory days.

In addition to the convenience for me as a seller, as a shopper it’s nice to know that the “full service” items have been verified by a third party as to their condition, size, and quality.

So, shop my closet here. I’ll be adding to the site periodically so make sure to bookmark it, too.

If you’re looking to clean out your closet, I’d definitely recommend looking at Threadflip. It is SO easy.

Are you on Threadflip already? Let me know your closet so I can follow you.

Hot Damn

If you are like me and have been lusting after the Stuart Weitzman 5050 boot but have been wondering how you could purchase $600 boots without your husband noticing and have no good solutions so you continue to lust from afar, fret no more.

Stuart Weitzman version, $598


Charles by Charles David version, $149


Maj hat tip to Brooke who included this boot in her winter shoe guide. Which, btw, if you haven’t checked out her blog, you absolutely should. She’s the mom two a 2 year old and has one of the most refreshing fashion blogs I’ve seen in a while. It’s fearless and fun and not something you see on every cupcakescashemereglamouraiatlanticpacificwhoelseiscoolnow blog

Holiday Gift Guide for the Lady in Your Life

(alternately titled: stuff I like and other women probably will too)

I know you’ve seen tons of gift guides if you’re an avid blog reader, but here’s another one just for fun. I’ve pulled together some of my favorite items of the season and these would be just about perfect for any woman in your life that is 23 or older. Any of these are sure to delight.

These Love Birds LA clutches are so erm… clutch (see what I did there?). They range in price from $45 to $105 and each is totally unique. If you’re lady needs a spunky accessory that is totally swoon worthy, snatch her up one of these.




My new obsession is Kiehl’s body wash in the orange lychee scent. It feels totally luxurious on your skin and has a really subtle citrus scent that has just the right touch and leaves a lingering scent on your skin. It is really just lovely and at $24, it’s an affordable indulgence that your lady friend will love. It’s obviously available online, but if you’re in the Triangle, there is a Kiehl’s counter at the Belk in Crabtree Mall.



For unique, but affordable jewelry, look no further than Hyla Dewitt. Hyla is a local jewelry designer that I recently discovered and her pieces are SO unique and covetable. They range from $35 up to $220, so there really is something for every budget. But no matter which piece you pick, you’re guaranteed to gift something fabulous. Available here and here online and I believe the Charlotte’s at North Hills carries her stuff in the Triangle area.



If you want to gift a really special piece of jewelry, look no further than Kerry Catherine Jewelry. Unfortunately, you have to visit the brick and mortar shop in North Hills to purchase, but if you’re local consider yourself lucky. Jason has gifted me a few pieces from here over the nine years (!!!) we’ve been together and they remain some of my favorite pieces of jewelry. Kerry Catherine uses precious metals and semi-precious stones to create pieces that are so organic and ethereal. I always get compliments when I wear something from here. Definitely worth checking out if you have the urge to splurge.

Kerry Catherine Exterior


And finally, a few items that are always in favor if you need something simple and straightforward:

  • Kate Spade earrings. Can’t go wrong here.
  • Korres Lip Butter. These are $12 a pop and make a great stocking stuffer.
  • Restoration Hardware Luxury Plush Robe. Jason gifted me one of these a few years ago and I still wear it almost every single day.
  • A Birchbox subscription. I talk about Birchbox all the time, so I feel like I’m beating a dead horse with this one, but it’s $10/month and you can get a gift subscription for three months up to a year. Birchbox is literally the one single piece of mail I look forward to getting each month. They are mailed on the 10th and I’m obsessive about checking my email from the 10th until I receive it.
  • If you’re looking for a gift for someone under 23-ish years old, here’s my tip – head over the Nordstrom BP section and buy whatever they have laid out in the accessory section. It’s guaranteed to be what’s cool and hip with the kids these days. 

Happy Holiday Shopping!