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26 weeks


I snapped this photo last night on the way to bed, and I’m actually closer to 27 weeks than 26 weeks. Which means I’m entering my 3rd trimester. Woah, nelly!

It hit me on New Year’s Day that the baby will be here in a little over three months and we have done absolutely nothing to prepare. I’d figured I just get to nesting after the holidays but now - wham bam - that time is here. Cue the waking up at 3 am every night with my mind racing about what we need to do - schedule tour of hospital, tour day cares, purchase and install car seat, get a crib, paint nursery, buy diapers, figure out maternity leave… and the list goes on. I’m trying to take it one day at a time and enjoy these last few months of having my baby in my belly, but wow there is a lot to check off the ole to-do list.

Our little Cookie now weighs over 2 pounds. S/he is growing like a weed and so is my stomach. I’ve taken to not weighing myself any more and at my last doctor appointment, I had gained nine pounds since my previous appointment just four weeks earlier. Luckily, I have an awesome doctor who made me feel really great about it and told me I’m totally on track for a normal weight gain over all. All this stretching and expanding is for the miracle of life and that makes me so happy, but for someone who’s always tried to exercise regularly and eat mostly healthy, seeing your body expand in ways and at rates you never knew possible is… strange.

I’m working on putting together my list of the top five things that surprised me about the second trimester. Check out my list of first trimester surprises here.

22 weeks


I was halfway out of my work clothes when I remembered I hadn’t snapped a pic to commemorate 22 weeks. whew. disaster averted.

I could probably spend the rest of my pregnancy in the second trimester and be a-okay. I’ve heard that the third trimester gets worse, so I’m really enjoying basking in uninterrupted sleep, minimal potty breaks, being able to lay on my back and still fitting in to the occasional non-maternity dress. Thank goodness for lycra!

La bebe is growing hair this week, but there is no pigment so the hair is bright white. How do I know this? tells me so.  It occurred to me last week that we’re in the teens when it comes to counting down the weeks until we become a family of three. To think that we started counting down from 40 and now there’s only 18 to go. I know it will fly by. I even scheduled my next regular dental cleaning for May and it was crazy to think that I’ll have a baby by then!

I don’t think I ever shared the results of the anatomy scan we had a couple weeks ago, but this little Cookie is looking to be in tip top shape. Four chamber heart? check! Tummy full of amniotic fluid? check! Femur at appropriate length? check! Spine intact? check!

In more ME news, have  I mentioned lately how over my braces I am? Because I am. I asked my orthodontist if we could work it out so these braces come off before April. He didn’t seem too optimistic. womp. womp.

21 weeks


I’m 21 weeks pregnant. I feel like over the past two weeks my stomach has grown like woah. We had our big doctor’s appointment on Friday where they could tell you the gender if you want, but we are sticking to our guns and keeping the sex of this little one a surprise. It was still very exciting to see our Cookie on the ultrasound screen and look at all it’s organs and systems. Everything looks great! The litte bean even took a few gulps of amniotic fluid while we were watching and it was so surreal to see it’s little mouth open and close. S/he is about a pound and the size of a large banana. Grow baby, grow!

I’m still feeling great these days. I’ve pretty much succumbed to 90% maternity clothing. Though, ironically, nothing I’m wearing in this picture is maternity wear. We’ve been having insanely nice temperatures these past few days, so I’ve been able to bust out some of my looser spring dresses. I’ve gained 8 pounds so far so I’m hoping I’m on track to cap out around 30 or so.

(outfit deets: dress: Splendid // boots: Steve Madden //scarf: do not remember // earrings: Kendra Scott)

19 Weeks


I finally bit the bullet and went maternity clothes shopping this weekend. Major props to Gap which has cute maternity clothes AND they were having a great sale on them. I actually think I’ll have to scope out Gap Maternity sweaters even when I’m not pregnant because I love the longer length, which is really the only discernible difference I could find between the maternity sweaters and the non-maternity sweaters.

Enough about me, let’s talk about the baby. It’s the size of a mango this week. likens the little cookie to a mango dipped in cheese.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment. 

The cheese analogy comes from a waxy, whitish coating the baby gets so it doesn’t look like it’s been sitting in a hot tub for 9 months when it comes into the world. Who knew?

My total weight gain is hovering around 4 pounds (6 pounds if you count the two I lost in the first trimester), so no real change in weight which is sort of surprising to me, but all bets are off after Thursday. 

I’m in a wedding in December for which I ordered the bridesmaid dress back in July. I’ve been religiously trying it on every week this month and this past weekend I had to have Jason help with the zipper. I think the dress will still zip up in a few weeks for the wedding, but since I want to have some hope of breathing during the ceremony and reception, I’m headed to the tailor this weekend.

Overall I’m still feeling great and loving feeling the baby’s movements.

Happy Monday and cheers to a short work week!

(outfit deets: top: Gap Maternity // skirt: Gap Maternity // tights: Spanx // boots: Steve Madden)

18 weeks


The little cookie and I made it another week. We’re still feeling great all around. This baby is about the size of a bell pepper now and I’ve been feeling s/he move a TON. That’s such a cool feeling. I have to keep myself from smiling the cheesiest grin when I’m in meetings and feel the little movements. I can’t wait until baby gets a little bigger and then Jason will be able to feel it, too.

I’m also fearing I’m going to have to break down and buy some maternity clothes soon. I had a minor freak out when I couldn’t find my leggings on Saturday and none of my regular clothes fit and we had to be out the door to meet some people at the NCSU vs. Wake Forest football game. Maternity clothes shopping is one shopping trip I’m not looking forward to.

(outfit deets: leatherish leggings: Romeo and Juliet Couture // tank: LNA // blazer: Vestique // necklace: House of Harlow // boots: Steve Madden)

Maternity Underwear. That’s not a typo.

The election is over and I am pretty pumped about the outcome. It felt like Christmas morning when I woke up today.

Know what else I am pumped about? Maternity underwear. We can go ahead and file that under “topics I never thought I’d write about on this blog.” But the times? They are a changin’.

 So, what image comes to mind when you think of maternity underwear? Go ahead. Let your mind wander.

I bet that wasn’t too pretty.

 For the past 5+ years I have been a faithful servant to hanky panky underwear. They are the best! But, with my…erm… increased sensitivity down there, the hanky’s were just too much and all up in my panky. So, I began the quest for some cute but comfy undies. Now, I am kind of picky about my panties because they need to be one of if not THE most comfortable thing I wear. But I am also kind of cheap (I always bought my hanky pankys (pankies?) on sale).

 Thankfully, when I found out I was pregnant I immediately signed up for Zulily so I could begin planning my future child’s outfits, but they also sell stuff for us grown peeps. Enter Belabumbum. I saw them on sale one day and was all like YES. Then I got them and I was like YESSSS! They don’t look like the maternity drawers of my wandering mind and they are super comfortable. I am now the proud owner of seven pairs and plan to get some more next time they are on Zulily because these cottony ‘roos sent from heaven are like $25 when not on sale. That is like one Nars lipstick or three bottles of Essie nailpolish! No thank you.  But I can tell you that I am making sure to do laundry every week these days.

You can buy Belabumbum here and you can sign up for Zulily here.

Also, no pictures on this post because really??!?!

17 Weeks


I originally thought I wouldn’t take bump photos but then all of a sudden I started having a bump, like there is a baby in there or something, and I thought it would be fun to document how this tummy of mine changes over the next 23 weeks. So, bump photos it is! I’m going to try to post these every Monday and I think that when this baby comes it will be neat to look back over the photos. I also thought I’d answer a few questions that I came up with off the top of my head about how things are going. If you have a specific question, leave it in the comments and I’ll incorporate it next week.

Weight gain: 6 pounds, but I lost 2 pounds during the first trimester, so my weight gain from my pre-pregnancy weight is 4 pounds.

What I’m eating: Candy! And prenatal vitamins and yogurt and granola and chicken and lasagna and ice cream and tacos and vegetables and cake and salad and soup and bread and more candy.

What I’m wearing: I pretty much live in leggings on the weekends and I’m lucky that so far I’ve got a selection of clothes that are still working for work. This outfit features spanx tights, a LOFT dress and a cardigan from the Limited. So far, I have bought one pair of maternity jeans and a belly band so that I can extend the wear on my work trousers. I’ve also bought some maternity underwear which I feel deserve their own post.

How I’m feeling: Great! I’ve reached the point where I feel like people pretty much guess I’m pregnant when then look at me, but they’re not sure if they should ask or risk an offense of the largest proportion. That is to say that my bump is growing, but it’s still manageable. I’m sticking with my Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project workouts and it makes me feel really good when I’ve finished one. I’m sleeping well, and my skin has calmed down after some serious pimples and random bouts of dryness.

How is the baby: Fantastic. S/he is about the size of a turnip. I had my regular check-up this past Friday and even though it was a quick one, I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat and the doctor said everything sounds perfect. At my next appointment, we’ll get to do an ultrasound and find out the baby’s gender. Right now, we’re still planning to wait.

Top 5 Things That Surprised Me During Trimester Uno

At 14 weeks, I’m rolling out of my first trimester and into my second. I read a lot of pregnancy blogs and have a lot of friends who are pregnant and/or have kids. Heck, my younger sister has TWO! The point is that, between the all the internet reading and all the “OMG! You are kidding me” discussions I’ve had, I thought I was pretty prepared for all that the gory details and embarrassing moments that pregnancy had in store for me. Not so. I present to you, the top 5 things I didn’t know to expect when I’m expecting (ha!). Warning, if you are a man or are women uncomfortable with reading about human bodies, you should probably stop now.

(No picture provided and do not google image search for item 1)

1. Jason came with me to our first ultrasound. It was AWESOME to see the baby together and to hear its heartbeat for the first time at the same time. I am so glad he was there and wouldn’t have changed that for the world. What wasn’t so awesome is the right before the ultrasound they were completing my prenatal profile, part of which includes a pap smear, and lo and behold they did it with the doctor, the nurse, and my HUSBAND right in the room. I could have died right there. I told Jason to stay away from the business end of things and to not even look at me at all during it. Avert your eyes and stare at the floor! OR ELSE! (<—my exact words.) Some people say you’re comfortable with the other person when you can leave the bathroom door open. I disagree. Get a pap smear with them first and then call me.

(poor Jessica, she’s so misunderstood)

2. You don’t look pregnant for a while, you just look fat. Admittedly, I had heard this from other women, but like most things, I figured the rules just didn’t apply to me. Whether you’re prepared to look fat due to no fault of your own (well, I guess technically you’re partly at fault), it still makes for an awkward conversation at work:

Me: Guess what, I’m pregnant!

Coworker: That’s awesome. I thought you were going to tell me that.

Me: Oh really?!? How did you know.

Coworker: Oh well, you know… I just had a… um… feeling.

3. So for the first time in my life, my stomach sticks out more than it ever has, but get this, at my last doctor’s appointment, I had lost two pounds. If someone had told me you can eat anything and not exercise and trade two glasses of wine for three desserts, I would have gotten knocked up a long time ago. I was so tired during the first trimester that all I did was sleep, eat carbs, eat candy, sleep, sleep, sleep. And poof! Two pounds gone. I know that will probably change sooner rather than later, but for now I’ll take it.

(No image provided. Also, do not google image search “pregnant and itchy”)

4. My lady parts were itchy.  This is probably the grossest thing on the list, but I thought for sure I had contracted some infection that only pregnant women get. So, I turned to the Google and lo and behold, when a person is growing inside of you the pH of your whole body changes and it can cause itching and there is nothing you can really do about it except writhe in discomfort during meetings at work. Dudes were smart to develop a whole cultural norm where no one judges them for public scratching. 

5. You get constipated like woah. I had heard of painful constipation before as something that existed in the realm of planet earth, but had never experienced it. I will never again judge a Metamucil commercial. 

There is a lot more that a preg goes through during the first trimester, but I was pretty prepared for the rest of it. Now that I’m headed into trimester dos, tell me past pregs, what do I need to expect when I’m expecting that no one ever told you. Please don’t make me read a book. I’m counting on you!