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Most Wonderful Time

Is Christmas really less than a week away. Wowza! The good news is that I’ve purchased and wrapped all of my Christmas presents. I asked Jason if he wanted to go to the NCSU basketball game on Saturday and he told me he needed that day for Christmas shopping. say wha? That boy is cray, but I love him for it or maybe I should say despite it. LOLZ. (gah, I just annoyed myself with that LOLZ.)

I’ve got a few life updates for you:

1. We spent this past weekend with my inlaws in Charlotte to celebrate the season. It’s always such a whirlwind because Jason comes from a LARGE family that all still lives in Charlotte so we’re always bopping from here to there to make sure we get to see everyone. It’s a total blast and the weekend culminates in all the cousins getting together to perform the Christmas play for the “grown ups.” You may argue that we should fall into the category of grown ups, but alas, birth order and not age dictates who does and does not participate in the play. If you are lucky enough to have married one into the family, then you get to be in the play, too. This is my 7th year running as an angel in the play, but the Tony’s have not yet come calling. Just call me the Susan Lucci of musicals.

Christmas 2012 outfits

It’s really a big production, complete with story telling and singing appropriate Christmas songs at appropriate scenes. Like, when the angels appear, we all sing Hark the Herald Angels Sing. And then when the kings arrive, we sing We Three Kings. And so on and so on.

Christmas 2012-theplay

2. Early Bird was selected to be a Vintage and Market Finds vendor on One King’s Lane. We are supes excited about this turn of events as it allows us to bring some of the finer things we stumble across to a mass market. Some rich person out there has got to be interested in these fab lamps, right? These can go for over $3,000 on 1st Dibs and they are really, really, really awesome. Like I never knew the difference between nice lamps and the $60 ones you find at Home Goods until we scored these. Major improvement. I hope you buy them.

3. No bump picture this week. I know you are frowning into your coffee right now. I’ve been swamped with tying up Christmas loose ends and getting ready for two holiday parties we’re going to this weekend, holiday baking, plus some guests that are staying with us. I love the hustle and bustle that this time of year brings, but I am just one woman and will gladly admit when I can’t handle it all. So this week’s casualty is the bump photo.