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19 Weeks


I finally bit the bullet and went maternity clothes shopping this weekend. Major props to Gap which has cute maternity clothes AND they were having a great sale on them. I actually think I’ll have to scope out Gap Maternity sweaters even when I’m not pregnant because I love the longer length, which is really the only discernible difference I could find between the maternity sweaters and the non-maternity sweaters.

Enough about me, let’s talk about the baby. It’s the size of a mango this week. likens the little cookie to a mango dipped in cheese.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment. 

The cheese analogy comes from a waxy, whitish coating the baby gets so it doesn’t look like it’s been sitting in a hot tub for 9 months when it comes into the world. Who knew?

My total weight gain is hovering around 4 pounds (6 pounds if you count the two I lost in the first trimester), so no real change in weight which is sort of surprising to me, but all bets are off after Thursday. 

I’m in a wedding in December for which I ordered the bridesmaid dress back in July. I’ve been religiously trying it on every week this month and this past weekend I had to have Jason help with the zipper. I think the dress will still zip up in a few weeks for the wedding, but since I want to have some hope of breathing during the ceremony and reception, I’m headed to the tailor this weekend.

Overall I’m still feeling great and loving feeling the baby’s movements.

Happy Monday and cheers to a short work week!

(outfit deets: top: Gap Maternity // skirt: Gap Maternity // tights: Spanx // boots: Steve Madden)