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Thanks for stopping by! This blog truly is a passion project of mine, and I’ve got quite the fabulous readers, if I do say so myself.

Here’s a few stats (as gathered via surveys, site meter, and google analytics):

  • Average 25,000 visitors per month. That’s about 300,000 peeps each year!
  • Over 1,938 tumblr subscribers
  • Female (over 95%)
  • young-ish (between the ages of 20-35)
  • Interested in shopping, jewelry, clothes, shoes handbags (and food!)
  • A slight majority have no children
  • More likely to be college-educated
Does that sound like your cup of tea? Then, keep reading.

Advertise in the Sidebar

For a small fee, you can place an ad in the sidebar. The ad will be 250 pixels wide and 125 pixels tall, and when people click on it, they will be directed to your website. Email me details about your company/product and if it’s a good fit, we’ll conduct payment via paypal and get your ad up in a jiffy. How easy is that?



Currently, giveaways are only offered with paid sponsorships. If you are a sponsor and would like to do a giveaway, you can contact me with the dates you’d like to do so.

Offer promos or discounts
With your sponsorship you have the opportunity to offer promos and discounts to my readers. These will be either be announced in your giveaway post, or in one of my outfit posts. They will also be listed on the right-hand sidebar below your ad.

Wear one of your items (sponsorship not required)
I would be happy to advertise one of your items by wearing it on the site. I only wear items that I can personally choose from your shop and that reflect my personal style. You do not need to be a sponsor to choose this option.