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22 weeks


I was halfway out of my work clothes when I remembered I hadn’t snapped a pic to commemorate 22 weeks. whew. disaster averted.

I could probably spend the rest of my pregnancy in the second trimester and be a-okay. I’ve heard that the third trimester gets worse, so I’m really enjoying basking in uninterrupted sleep, minimal potty breaks, being able to lay on my back and still fitting in to the occasional non-maternity dress. Thank goodness for lycra!

La bebe is growing hair this week, but there is no pigment so the hair is bright white. How do I know this? tells me so.  It occurred to me last week that we’re in the teens when it comes to counting down the weeks until we become a family of three. To think that we started counting down from 40 and now there’s only 18 to go. I know it will fly by. I even scheduled my next regular dental cleaning for May and it was crazy to think that I’ll have a baby by then!

I don’t think I ever shared the results of the anatomy scan we had a couple weeks ago, but this little Cookie is looking to be in tip top shape. Four chamber heart? check! Tummy full of amniotic fluid? check! Femur at appropriate length? check! Spine intact? check!

In more ME news, have  I mentioned lately how over my braces I am? Because I am. I asked my orthodontist if we could work it out so these braces come off before April. He didn’t seem too optimistic. womp. womp.


  1. totaldrivel said: It’s so fun for me to see your pregnancy updates since you’re just seven weeks ahead of me! I can only hope to look as adorable as you do! :)
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