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I just remembered a story

And what is a blog if not a place to document stories so we remember them?

Before we bought our house, we rented a little place and lived next to the sweetest old lady. Let’s call her Doris. Doris lived in a Sears Catalog House and ran an art gallery until she closed up shop. She is an amazing painter and her house is full of fantastic treasures from all over the world. She’s an artist in every sense of the word, and she’d always bring me plants to have and stuff from her garden and tell me all the neighborhood gossip. She knew everything that happened on our street and she had lived in her Sears Catalog house since the day it was ordered from the Sears Catalog. I bet you didn’t know that back in the day you could indeed order a house from the Sears Catalog and then assemble it on your land. Cray!

Anywho, when you first walked in to Doris’s house you were greeted by her four white cockatiels.  One day when Doris invited me over, I noticed that the cockatiels all had a different color on top of their head - one was purple, one was pink, one orange and one green. I remarked to Doris that I had never seen cockatiels that were all white except for a bright colorful marking on their head. She then told me she had colored them with a marker so she could tell them apart.



  1. awaywegotoraleigh said: I mean. Doris sounds like someone we would want to hangout with. Often.
  2. tehvalerie said: My mom’s aunt and uncle had a Sears house! It came to them on a train. If most of them weren’t tiny I’ve always thought it would be awesome to own one.
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