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21 weeks


I’m 21 weeks pregnant. I feel like over the past two weeks my stomach has grown like woah. We had our big doctor’s appointment on Friday where they could tell you the gender if you want, but we are sticking to our guns and keeping the sex of this little one a surprise. It was still very exciting to see our Cookie on the ultrasound screen and look at all it’s organs and systems. Everything looks great! The litte bean even took a few gulps of amniotic fluid while we were watching and it was so surreal to see it’s little mouth open and close. S/he is about a pound and the size of a large banana. Grow baby, grow!

I’m still feeling great these days. I’ve pretty much succumbed to 90% maternity clothing. Though, ironically, nothing I’m wearing in this picture is maternity wear. We’ve been having insanely nice temperatures these past few days, so I’ve been able to bust out some of my looser spring dresses. I’ve gained 8 pounds so far so I’m hoping I’m on track to cap out around 30 or so.

(outfit deets: dress: Splendid // boots: Steve Madden //scarf: do not remember // earrings: Kendra Scott)


  1. spunrightround said: You look beautiful!
  2. erinthebrooke said: Not finding out is so great… The best surprise -EVER- and a guaranteed good one!
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