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bye bye belly button

My belly button is slowly but surely giving up the ship. What was once a cute little button on a belly is now a hole on a belly. I’ve got a belly hole.

Yep, that’s my belly button hole in black and white (literally). I haven’t had a piercing in it for like five years, but I’ll always be reminded of my youth because that dang piercing hole is still there and stretching right along with everything else.

You guys, I can literally FEEL my stomach skin stretching every day. I woke up this morning and said to Jason that I think my stomach looks bigger today than it did when I went to bed last night. He took one look and just nodded his head. Babies… they grow up so fast.

To make up for that picture of my belly hole, here’s a picture of my nephew when he was three months old and wearing my aunt’s wig.


  1. almosthalfway said: mine stretched all the way to flat by the end - no outie. then it was a gaping hole for months until i got in shape again… so there’s that to look forward to!
  2. erinthebrooke said: Bio oil (or generic cvs brand) everday on the belly… I survived with one stretch mark on my side only when the light is right -or wrong- just wait til post partum belly cave, file under things they never told you about.
  3. binspired said: Glad I’m not the only one, that darn hole! And that baby…dying! Haha!!!
  4. emilyposts said: the old piercing stretching is THE WORST. i stare at it every single day and mine has been out for five years too. i am now totally obsessed with my b button.
  5. jaclynday said: My belly button never poked out, but completely flattened into nothing. I also had a piercing and umm…it stretched.
  6. linthemorning said: my piercing scar stretched sooo much, but no fear —- it returns very quickly!
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