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This is laaaaaaate notice but I'm coming into Raleigh today to visit my best friend, but she'll be working during the day tomorrow and Tuesday. I'm staying at North Hills. What do I do there??

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Fun! You’re right in the thick of my stomping grounds. During the day, you can exercise your credit cards at several fabulous boutiques. North Hills is home to Gena Chandler, Monkee’s, Hayley’s, Charlotte’s, Uniquities and Lulu Lemon as well as a slew of home decor, stationery, furniture and other shops.

You can also treat yourself to a pedicure at Lee Spa Nails. In my opinion, they have the best pedicures in town and if you go at a respectable hour and nicely ask for a glass of wine, they will give you one for free.

If you need to kill some time before your friend gets off work, there is a movie theater or you can break a sweat at Pure Barre.

For eats, you really can’t go wrong with any of the restaurants in North Hills, but my personal favorites are Vivace and Midtown Grille.

Have fun!