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18 weeks


The little cookie and I made it another week. We’re still feeling great all around. This baby is about the size of a bell pepper now and I’ve been feeling s/he move a TON. That’s such a cool feeling. I have to keep myself from smiling the cheesiest grin when I’m in meetings and feel the little movements. I can’t wait until baby gets a little bigger and then Jason will be able to feel it, too.

I’m also fearing I’m going to have to break down and buy some maternity clothes soon. I had a minor freak out when I couldn’t find my leggings on Saturday and none of my regular clothes fit and we had to be out the door to meet some people at the NCSU vs. Wake Forest football game. Maternity clothes shopping is one shopping trip I’m not looking forward to.

(outfit deets: leatherish leggings: Romeo and Juliet Couture // tank: LNA // blazer: Vestique // necklace: House of Harlow // boots: Steve Madden)


  1. thulalaland said: Looking lovely Julie! For awesome maternity leggings (that I swear I’ll buy for the rest of my life) look at Old Navy online. I also got a pair of their skinny jeans and love! Motherhood Maternity and Pea in a Pod jeans didn’t fit so well for me. xx
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