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Maternity Underwear. That’s not a typo.

The election is over and I am pretty pumped about the outcome. It felt like Christmas morning when I woke up today.

Know what else I am pumped about? Maternity underwear. We can go ahead and file that under “topics I never thought I’d write about on this blog.” But the times? They are a changin’.

 So, what image comes to mind when you think of maternity underwear? Go ahead. Let your mind wander.

I bet that wasn’t too pretty.

 For the past 5+ years I have been a faithful servant to hanky panky underwear. They are the best! But, with my…erm… increased sensitivity down there, the hanky’s were just too much and all up in my panky. So, I began the quest for some cute but comfy undies. Now, I am kind of picky about my panties because they need to be one of if not THE most comfortable thing I wear. But I am also kind of cheap (I always bought my hanky pankys (pankies?) on sale).

 Thankfully, when I found out I was pregnant I immediately signed up for Zulily so I could begin planning my future child’s outfits, but they also sell stuff for us grown peeps. Enter Belabumbum. I saw them on sale one day and was all like YES. Then I got them and I was like YESSSS! They don’t look like the maternity drawers of my wandering mind and they are super comfortable. I am now the proud owner of seven pairs and plan to get some more next time they are on Zulily because these cottony ‘roos sent from heaven are like $25 when not on sale. That is like one Nars lipstick or three bottles of Essie nailpolish! No thank you.  But I can tell you that I am making sure to do laundry every week these days.

You can buy Belabumbum here and you can sign up for Zulily here.

Also, no pictures on this post because really??!?!