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I dreamed a dream

I was just sitting here minding my own business and pondering getting up to get a glass of water vs. not getting up to get a glass of water when suddenly my drifting mind was jolted back to reality when I remembered the dream I had last night.

Other moms and mommas-to-be have told me they’ve had really lucid dreams about their future children. Well, I dreamed last night that I had a boy and we named him Gwen. Not Glen, Gwen. And then when this baby came out, it wasn’t just a baby… It looked like a two year old with teeth and lots of hair, except that it acted like a new baby and just laid there all the time and it needed to be fed like a new baby and couldn’t even hold it’s head up or anything. I was so distraught and everyone just kept telling me that all babies are different but even as I nodded my head in agreement I just wanted to tell them to shut up.

This has been a blog post.


  1. stickyhide said: this post is terrifying
  2. umcanyounot said: ha! yes, the dreams are VERY weird. and there will probably be lots of dreams about the birth… and all of them will be nothing like an actual birth.
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