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(life) favorite fashion, style and beauty resources

I’ve been part of the BlogHer Life Well Lived panel for oh… over a year… and I’ve yet to answer a single question they ask me. Well that’s all changing today, my friends! Ironically, this week’s Life Well Lived question is actually the number one question I get from peeps like you that read this blog. So, times? They are a changin’ and I’m gonna answer the ever elusive question:

What are your favorite fashion, style and beauty resources?

In a nutshell, my favorite resources for all of the above are blogs! I subscribe to over 200 blogs (not exaggerating there) in my Google Reader and I have them categorized as fashion, beauty, interior design or lifestyle. I get 99.3 percent of my fashion inspiration from my fellow blogger and the other 0.7 comes from magazines. I like blogs the best because I know they are written by real people with real budgets sharing their real opinions. Unlike magazines where you’ve got advertisers to please and oodles of free products coming through the door, there’s usually no hidden agenda with a  blogger. Plus, I don’t know who these editors think they are sometimes, but a handbag that costs $500 does not belong near the word “steals,” “budget” or “save.” And I hate when I’m reading a magazine and I see this whole outfit that is so great but then it’s like $2,000 just for the pants. What the what? Anywho, back to the bloggers. Here are my favorites:


Kendi Everyday: duh. You probably read this one. I bought those gap ikat shorts after I saw her wearing them. I was going to buy the matching shirt she wore with them from her store but she was dumb and posted it on her blog and it sold out before I got a chance to buy it. Oh well. She still makes the list. Girl is good.

Merci Blah Blah: This lady is the mother of triplets and still manages to look cute and trendy. I don’t know how she does it, but she does and I hope I’m a cool mom like her one day.

Style Within Reach: This girl provides content based on exactly what her blog says. It’s style within reach. And she looks cute in her affordable clothes, even though she is skinny and sometimes I am secretly very jealous of her.

Atlantic/Pacific: BEE’s style ranges on the upper, upper end of affordability and sometimes crosses to the line of “OMG, how are you so young and able to afford a $3,000 handbag.” But she is pretty cute and her outfits are cute even though I think sometimes she probably puts together outfits just for her blog. I mean, I would too if Tory Burch and Tibi were hurling dresses at me left and right.

There are 16 more blogs in my reader under this category, but these are my favorites. In addition to the blogs, I have subscriptions to Lucky and InStyle. Both are worth the subscription price in my opinion. Definitely my favorite fashion and style magazines.


Hairdresser on Fire: If I lived in NYC, I would definitely, definitely, definitely have Reagan do my hair. She is so cute and hair smart.

The Beauty Department – This is Lauren Conrad’s hair and makeup peeps blog, and this post on curling your hair changed my life. Seriously. I had no idea I was doing it so wrong.

Believe it or not, these are actually the only beauty blogs I have in my reader. And they are good. I am actually not really that handy with makeup or hair stuff, but everything I know I learned from these blogs and birchbox. A friend of mine watches YouTube videos to learn how to do makeup and I’ve tried that but I don’t think I have the patience. But maybe I need to give it another shot. Do you know any good vloggers?

Alright, now that you’ve read about my sources, check out what other bloggers have to say and also go try and win an iPod touch.