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Let’s Just Pretend + Evolve Fit Wear + Shopping Discount

Let’s pretend that:

1. It hasn’t been almost a month since my last blog post

2. I have more time to dedicate to this blog than just Nora’s naptime on weekends.

3. I am wearing makeup and my hair looks amazing in the pictures below and I did NOT just take them after my home yoga practice during aforementioned nap (but I did).

Now that we have that out of the way. Hi. How are you? Good! Me? I’m great. Just great. Really great actually.

I don’t do a ton of company partnerships on the blog, mostly because I don’t have a ton of time and if I’m going to spend any time on a post about a company and their product, it better be good.

I could also let you that this company I’m about to tell you about reached out to me 6 weeks ago and I’m just now getting this post up and that would be the truth. But really, the fact that I’m getting this post up at all means it’s important and it also means that I am the world’s worst blogger.

Get to the point, Julie!

Evolve is an online yoga apparel company that carries a TON of different brands, but they don’t carry every brand - just the good stuff. I love that there is a great online resource that provides broad access to a range of yoga apparel. If you’re like me, you love a certain brand reminiscent of a citrus fruit, but you don’t necessarily want to wear the same thing everyone else is wearing. Evolve to the rescue. I’ve particularly drawn to the Alo goddess legging which I have seen all over the yoga instagram accounts I follow and I think they are the bees knees.


so cute!

The folks at Evolve were kind enough to send me a Kooshoo journey shawl to try out. It’s called a shawl but it can be worn a million - and by a million, I mean 12 - different ways. It is so, so, so, so soft and the tie dye speaks to my inner free people catalogue model wannabe. So, just imagine that instead of me modeling this for you on my back porch, we’re actually on a beach, at sunset, with a bonfire, about a dozen really attractive people with long hair, there is a vw vanagon in the background and I have a large thigh gap.


Shawl as a shawl. Pretty, huh? See those button on the lower right? There’s a matching row on the other side which help you wear it in the aforementioned 12 ways.


Shawl as a halter. Peace, dudes.


Shawl as a dress. I was actually very surprised at the decent length on this. I am 5’8”, so things are often too short, but I can absolutely see myself wearing this in the summer or at the beach and not just over yoga clothes. 


Shawl as a cardigan. I think this was my favorite way to wear it. It felt very cozy.


Shawl as a scarf. I feel like there has been a surge in people I know getting pregnant, and I couldn’t help but think this would make a GREAT gift for a new mother. Having a scarf makes nursing in public (or even not in public, but at your house and maybe friends and family are over visiting the new bundle of dirty diapers and sleepless nights  joy), a billion times easier. But the beauty of this shawl is that it can be worn as a scarf or one of the other above ways with a tank underneath and stretchy leggings on the bottom, and it’s loose and roomy, making it easy to maneuver around with a newborn snuggled under and still keep your modesty about you.

If you’ve stuck with this post this long, then I have a surprise for you. Oh yes I do!

The awesome people over at Evolve are offering a 10% site-wide discount just for readers of this blog. If I were you, I’d snatch up this shawl (and those leggings because I am me). Just use the code THEDAILYJULIE at checkout to redeem your discount.


Everyone has their very specific recollection of exactly where they were this day. Those stories could fill a million novels and probably more.
Nothing can change or make better what happened on 09/11/01. We can’t rebuild those buildings. We can’t take back the war it brought. We can’t remove the terror incited; the fear created; or
the lives lost
but in memory of every mother, father, brother, sister, friend, and lover lost and in honor of those still living that, for 13 years and infinite more, haven’t been able to  hug or kiss or caress the one they lost, we can make damn sure to spread the love to those we care about. and those we don’t, too.
(image source)

Everyone has their very specific recollection of exactly where they were this day. Those stories could fill a million novels and probably more.

Nothing can change or make better what happened on 09/11/01. We can’t rebuild those buildings. We can’t take back the war it brought. We can’t remove the terror incited; the fear created; or

the lives lost

but in memory of every mother, father, brother, sister, friend, and lover lost and in honor of those still living that, for 13 years and infinite more, haven’t been able to  hug or kiss or caress the one they lost, we can make damn sure to spread the love to those we care about. and those we don’t, too.

(image source)

Life Update in Bullet Form

  • We started Nora in a new school this week. Every morning has been pretty much miserable for the both of us because she screams and cries when I drop her off and all she wants is for me to pick her back up and not leave, but I can’t really do that because… work. I know that it’s for the best and her new teachers are awesome and have assured me she fits in perfectly and is just a great kid during the day, but I still I feel so sad that she is in a new place and doesn’t know a single soul… yet. I’ve cried every morning on the way from daycare to work. But today, TODAY! NO TEARS! (for either of us) She has learned that there is a cat that roams the daycare grounds and she finds it completely mesmerizing, so she likes to look for the kitty from the window. I’ll take it.
  • We are having a HUGE yard sale tomorrow. We’ve been in our house for 5 years and our basement has pretty much become a storage place for everything we don’t know what to do with. But, we want to renovate the basement and in order to do that, shizzle has got to go. If you need pottery barn dishes, rugs, a coffee table, a Wii, tons of random home decor stuff from home goods and garden ridge, outdoor chairs, an armoire and lots more, email me and I’ll send you our address. Sale starts at 8 am tomorrow and everything must go. My email is thedailyjulieblog at gmail.

  • Last Sunday, Jason had a fantasy football draft so I spent the evening watching music videos on Vevo and drinking wine. My thoughts: I loved T-Swift’s new video, Bang Bang = awesome, and John Legend All of Me gave me All the Tears. I love love. and girl power.
  • For convenience sake, the last two times I’ve gone grocery shopping, I’ve done it all at Whole Foods. I totally get why people call it Whole Paycheck. I feel like I spend double and get half the amount of stuff than at Trader Joe’s. But, the Whole Foods app is an awesome source for recipes. I think I may have mentioned that before, so download it if you haven’t already.

  • I have a Julep nail polish subscription (since cancelling Birchbox this has been a more than acceptable replacement. I loveit) and this top coat came in my last box. It totally blows Seche Vite and Essie’s Good to Go (my usual) out of the water. If you want to try out Julep, your first box is free (just pay $3.99 for shipping) and then it’s $19.99/month. The thing I appreciate about Julep is that you are given the chance to see what’s in your box and if you don’t like the colors or products you can skip before it’s shipped.

  • Other random boring news: our vents our clean and mold/mildew free, roof has been “fogged”. Still need an oven. If you have great microwave or “raw food” recipes, send ‘em my way.

Five years ago, I wrote a letter to myself on I completely forgot about it, but that letter was delivered today and wow. It’s amazing to see how much and how little has changed in the span of 5 years. I’m going to write another letter to myself because this was such a fun, unexpected email to get today. Here’s the letter I wrote at 27 to my 32-year old self. Comments from my present self are bolded.

Dear FutureMe,

Right now, I am 27 years old. It’s August 20, 2009 and I am a marketing/pr coordinator. I’ve been out of my MBA program for a little over a year. The economy is at the worst it’s ever been in my lifetime.

Me and my husband, Jason are trying to buy our first house. We both fell in love with a 1,120 square foot home on Georgetown Road in Raleigh, NC. The sellers have not been very cooperative in responding to our offers, so the road must go on. (Thank GOD this did not work out. I love our current house and could not imagine trying to squeeze a child, a big dog and two adults into that house)

I have no children at this point in my life. And I’d like to have one before I’m 30, but at this point, I’m really enjoying being young and married. We’d like to buy a house before kids so that we can be a little more settled. And there’s still some traveling we’d like to do. I’m a little worried that I might get pregnant before I’m ready, but is anyone EVER ready for children? Doubtful. (I was 30 when I had Nora. If she had made it to her due date, I would have been 31. She was born 9 days before my birthday)

All in all, I’m very lucky to have my lot in life. I love my husband, even though he drives me crazy sometimes. (ha! so true. still is. pretty sure I drive him crazy, too though) I think the secret to life is to just be content with what you have. You should always strive for goals and for bettering yourself, but don’t compare yourself to other people and wish for what they have.

Things I love at this very moment:
1. Mexican Food
2. PARIS!!!!
3. My dog, Cole
4. Frye boots- even though I don’t own a single pair
5. My blog -
6. sleep

(LOL4days. All of the above is still true though I would add my daughter to that list for obvious reasons)

I’m sending this to myself 5 years from now. I’ll be 32 by then. Who knows how much will have changed. Hopefully, life will be awesome.

And remember, Julie, if at 32, you aren’t happy with what you are doing, you better make it happen. You’re not getting any younger. (It is a good thing that right now I’m completely content with life. Sure there are things I want to do and make happen, and I’ll get there, but life’s a journey and all that jazz, and yep… it’s happening. I’ve actually never felt more content or settled in my life than I do right now and that’s a great feeling. It’s true what they say… 30’s are WAY better than 20’s, and I’m only 2 years in.)

Julie at 27

The Best Hamburger in Raleigh

Jason and I have been making it our personal mission to find the best burger in Raleigh. We’ve been to enough places now that there are some clear winners among the Triangle Burger scene. Here are our favorites in selected categories. I’ll update if one of these gets dethroned. All burgers were ordered medium at locations that allowed it (meaning they ground their own meat)

Best “Fast” Burger: Five Guys. Hands down. If you want a burger with minimal effort send your husband here to bring it home. It will be delicious and easy every time.

Runner-up: The Piedmont burger at Chow; it comes with a fried green tomato, pimento cheese and barbecue sauce. The burger is delicious and flavorful and very juicy. In fact, this was my top choice for a burger until…

Best all-around most amazing burger goes to: The Black Truffle Cheeseburger from the Yard House. To be honest, I really don’t like the Yard House. I don’t appreciate paying $7 for a beer that I know I can get next door for $5, so I always put up a fight when Jason wants to go here because I am cheap. But, they do have good food and a mission is a mission so I took one for the team, fully preparing to have a good meal but not the freakin best burger I’ve ever eaten. I was sad when it was gone if that tells you anything. It’s got house made truffle cheese and tomato-bacon-onion jam (read that part again: tomato-bacon-onion jam) on a potato bun. It is so juicy and perfectly cooked that you will be wiping juices from your mouth after each delicious bite. Oh my gawd, I need one now.

Other places we tried that were good: Raleigh Times, Coquette. Both of these places have a solid burger that is good. If you’re there and want a burger you won’t be disappointed, but I wouldn’t go there just for the burger if that makes sense.

And we were surprisingly underwhelmed by the burgers at Chuck’s, though I did appreciate that they offer two size options of patties. Maybe my expectations were too high? I dunno. Either way, when I want a hamburger, I will be going to the Yard House.

Any other hamburgers we need to try in the area? Jason argued that if we’re going to compare them, we should always get a traditional hamburger (which he did) for an apples to apples comparison, but I argued that if they offer unique toppings and do it well, that’s even better than your standard burger fare, so extra points. Are you a purist or an adventurist when it comes to hamburgers? (either way, he agreed that the black truffle burger from the yard house is where it’s at)

(psssst… want more pictures? follow me on instagram. want fewer words? follow me on twitter.)

I feel so useless sitting here. What can I do to help Ferguson??

Asked by


there’s a bail and legal fund that’s been set up for those who’ve been arrested 

this person is trying to organize a food drive for school kids in ferguson

national moment of silence 2014 (for victims of police brutality) 

share the following: 

videos of what has happened

links to articles

how to make a tear gas mask

livestream link to the peaceful protests

Ferguson Police Department
Email (taken off the site) 

222 S. Florissant Road
Ferguson, MO 63135

Ph: 314-522-3100
Fx: 314-524-5290