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Last day

Since no one cares about how I’ve been sick for almost a whole week but if you’re wondering I’ve had an upper respiratory viral infection and been consuming ALL the cough medicine, I’ll just remind you that today is the very last day to enter the giveaway for a super cute outfit from Onzie.

Onzie retails online and at places like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters,  and Athleta so you would be remiss to not enter. Winner announced on Wednesday.

Yoga Update, Onzie Review and Giveaway!!!

Practicing yoga on the reg has affected all areas of my life. I’ve experience the obvious benefits like increased flexibility, better balance, and more strength than ever before, but it’s the increased mindfulness and awareness that keeps me coming back for more. One of my yoga instructors said it best when she said (and I’m paraphrasing here) that the practice of yoga helps us mentally and physically deal with difficult things. If we can overcome them in class, we can apply that to our daily life. Meaning that yeah, holding pigeon pose for 60 seconds is no walk in the park but we are teaching our mind to bear the unbearable, one long, deep stretch at a time. 

We can observe the uncomfortable sensations, not become attached to them, and ultimately, let them go.

How I apply that to my daily life is never ending, from waking up in the middle of the night to a crying baby to resisting the chocolate candy dish at the receptionist desk to anonymous internet haters. Observe that this lack of sleep or craving or meanie is part of life, but do not become attached and let. it. go. aaaaaaah. It feels so good!
I’m a total heat junkie and love, love, love practicing my yoga in a group setting where the temp is cranked up to 100 degrees or higher, but that’s not always possible, so I keep up with my practice at home. I typically use my home practice to do a 20-30 minute warm up and then focus on a few poses that I really want to get better at and I have the luxury of trying again and again without breaking the flow of a regular class.
This weekend, it was wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana), crow (Bakasana), and side plank (Vasisthasana) with a leg lift.

photo c0c6eca0-a820-41c6-a8f1-4e7b9e658523_zps9b0eb084.jpg

(Warming up with some upward dog during my vinyasa.)

photo cf7a8dc0-31d7-4784-8da3-a1b0ebce7d25_zps95aa3e91.jpg

Wheel pose. Still a work in progress. I need to get my hands closer to my head and/or push back with my legs more. The fact that I can even press up with my arms up at all is amazing to this girl who has never done a pull up in her life.

photo a72e0af7-65e2-4a1b-8aa1-97058f052145_zps638a094c.jpg

I’m obsessed with the detail of this Onzie sports bra and tank (paired with the full coverage shorts).

photo 4b8980ba-a1f5-4a1f-a840-f2dd441791b0_zps5f5fb065.jpg

There was a time not to long ago where lifting my leg up was a laughable proposition. Ultimately, I’d like to get to the point where I can grab my top leg with my hand. That would be amazing.

photo 291c8709-37b8-4a36-be39-e28fdae100ad_zpsadd68207.jpg

Reverse namaskar, y’all.

photo 664a29e5-937c-4917-92bb-9df6f8f5716a_zps10a2700c.jpg

And for my last trick - CROW! Ugh, it’s so hard. I can finally hold it for one full second. But, I still need the pillow….

photo 9a29ac6a-28f3-418c-a589-d4fbadec9509_zpsdf171ea7.jpg

All of my outfits in this post were graciously provided by Onzie (pronounced own-zee). I am so in love with the quality and styles this company offers. In a sea of lululemon, the vibrant colors and unexpected prints are a delight. The line was created by a 20-year Bikram yogi and blends the best of traditional yoga wear with modern innovation and a touch of whimsy.

Onzie is perfect for the hot room. I wore the long legging and all-in-one tank (top pictures) to my hot flow class on Monday and was comfortable the entire time. The fabric is very different than anything I’ve seen or worn before. It is meant to fit like a second skin and was very thin. But miraculously, it also smoothed everything out and was not at all see through. The long leggings I’m wearing are the Black Magic style and magic is the only way I can see that they are able to achieve such a thin, comfortable, moisture wicking and opaque material. Their styles are so great outside the yoga studio as well and would be well suited to pretty much any flavor of fitness.

Anyways, enough of my rambling. Onzie is giving one of my readers their very own complete outfit!!!! You’ll get the long legging in black magic and the all-in-one tank in black with an attached sports bra in black magic. The top retails for $59 and leggings for $65. I am so in love with this whole outfit and I know you will be too. Use the rafflecopter widget to enter (if you’re reading on your tumblr dashboard, you’ll have to click through to my blog). You can get up to four entries.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday Favorites: Shopping Edition

I’ve stumbled upon some GREAT sale items this week. Since my bank account isn’t padded enough to buy all the things, I figured I’d share the love.

Rag and Bone booties. Need I say more? The booties are on every fashionista’s lust list and they NEVER go on sale.Well, this pair is 50% off and there are many normal sizes still left.


These Rag and Bone shorts are also half off making them just a few lattes more expensive than some Madewell ones. I’d pick these any day and they are so perfect and on-trend for summer. Cuff them if you’re feeling fancy.


Rachel Pally has always been a go to of mine, both pre-preg, during preg and post-preg. Her stuff is so incredibly comfortable and holds up really well. This dress is marked down to $63. What a steal! You have to click through and see the back, too.


Another Rachel Pally find because if there is one designer I trust to make a romper that looks cute and is comfy, it’s Rachel Pally. Plus, this one is on super sale so it’s pretty low commitment on the wallet front. If you can get over the fact that you have to get naked every time you have to pee, and you have $66 (normally $220), it’s a winner.



I'm about to pull the trigger on the Dry Bar buttercup blow dryer. Do you still love it?

Asked by

Yes! I still love it and would absolutely recommend it. I keep it in my yoga bag because 80% of my showers are at the yoga studio, and it gets the job done very fast when I have limited time. With my shoulder length, fine hair, it’s a socially acceptable level of dampness after 5 minutes. Not kidding. 

I realized I never updated y’all on my birthday outfit choice. I went with the black jumpsuit. It was cute until I broke the seal and was naked every time I had to pee.

But after a few drinks I didn’t care as much that my clothes were basically on the floor of a public restroom. Wait. That didn’t sound right.

These are pretty much the only photos I got. For you locals we dined at Stanbury and listened to some crazy good jazz at C. Grace with some friends and family after. I highly recommend both.

Update on Nora’s Sleeping

So last night, Nora woke up again. I went to bed with the plan that I would get up and go in and rock her when she started screaming, and I mean screaming. loud high pitched screaming. 

I’m a big proponent of self soothing and a limited cry-it-out approach, but obviously that hadn’t worked the past few nights so I figured I had nothing to lose. She started screaming  just like she had the past few nights. I gave her a couple minutes and then went in, picked her up and rocked her until she settled. I put her back in her bed once she was calm - and though she happened to be awake when I put her in her crib, I would have rocked her until she fell asleep if I thought she would fall asleep on me but she wasn’t having that. Anyways, she cooed for a bit in her bed and then went to sleep for the rest of the night.


THANK YOU to Kelly Kovets Kouture who suggested in might be separation anxiety. Yes, Nora is teething and yes, she’s getting over an ear infection but she’s had all those things before and never woken up screaming multiple times in the night. My gut instinct tells me she’s smack dab in the middle of Wonder Week 55 and waking up not understanding why I’m not there and becoming very distraught.

Fingers crossed we’re nearing the end of this phase though. Mama needs her beauty rest.

Nora hasn’t been sleeping well. at all. for the past three nights. Can someone please tell me why my great sleeper who regularly sleeps 12-13 hours straight is now waking up multiple times a night screaming at the top of her lungs? What is happening?

I am so tired and all I want to do is prop my eyelids up with toothpicks and eat everything I can find, except this time I don’t have the extra calorie expenditure of breast feeding to counteract the nightly 1/2 pint of Ben and Jerry’s. I’m pretty sure the maternity pants that I’m still wearing are tighter.


I’m a big fan of April Fools.

But I tend to veer towards the pranks that are just silly. Like putting blue food coloring in your husband’s half and half.

I’m a big fan of April Fools.

But I tend to veer towards the pranks that are just silly. Like putting blue food coloring in your husband’s half and half.

Dress Me, Please

Guess what? Today is my birthday!!!! I just love birthdays, don’t you? Jason is taking me out for dinner and to a jazz club while Nora spends the night at her grandparent’s house. Not only will this be the first time I’m out as a 32 year old, but it’s also Nora’s first night away from home. I’m skerred. for both, actually. Anyways, I have no idea what to wear.  Please help by giving me what your favorite look below is. 

Internet powers activate!

 photo 11eb0232-a0c0-4c3d-9e0e-d5ac1e309803_zpsbf4deb7d.jpg

I’d probably wear the jacket when we are outside and take it off inside.

 photo 68bf9b95-889f-403a-8203-93070e7db626_zps2b2fe118.jpg

(How many times do I have to tell Nora to put the seat down. sheesh.)

 photo 3f45b63f-99cb-477a-ac46-289db04ee0ba_zpse2338fb3.jpg

 photo 51de6d3f-cd6c-4be8-875e-8ce2e08a9e98_zpsc85ceeb7.jpg

It’s worth noting that the back of this dress is really what makes it special. Sorry I’m not centered. Hazard of the self-timer.

And the survey says?

All is right is the world when you can get a pair of Tibi shoes for the same price as a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes.
Shop the Tibi sample sale here.
There are some fantabulous deals.

All is right is the world when you can get a pair of Tibi shoes for the same price as a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes.

Shop the Tibi sample sale here.

There are some fantabulous deals.